GeForce 8800 GTX 512m upgrade/replacement for Sager M57RU


I bought a Sager M57RU Laptop back in Feb 08 and the graphics card (GeForce 8800GTX 512M) has failed. The laptop now powers on but I am faced with a black screen.

I need some advice on some graphics cards that will be compatible with this Sager model (see link below for card and laptop model numbers) as the GeForce 8800GTX seems to be very hard to get at a reasonable price.

I would even like to upgrade the card but I am unsure of which card to get. Please help.

Kind regards from the Emerald Isle,
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  2. Oops, sorry for having the post in the wrong place MouseMonkey.

    Thanks for your input hafijur.

    I did manage to get all my data off so that is not a problem. Its just seems such a shame to let the laptop sit there as the screen was really good and it played all the games I needed it to (Civ, Company of Heroes etc).

    Is there no other card I can get for this laptop that is reasonably priced? Can I install a 9800m? Anyone know what cards I can put into this laptop to get it to rise again?
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