Old Chromebook can i make it work like a regular laptop?

I have an older chromebook, and i want to know if i can do something with it to get to be a normal laptop. Can i open it up and replace stuff in it?

Basically i want to install at least 2gb of ram in it and put ubuntu on it, can i do this? Or can i use it as my bar-bones laptop if i want to build a new one?

Picture can be found here:
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  1. You're going to need to supply some actual information. Model. Specs. No one can access those pictures either.

    Really its be quicker to just go to the manufactures site and read the manual.
  2. As unksol said, no one can access those pics - unless we have an account on the other forum. You need *at least* to give the model #, I would think it is somewhere on the net book, probably a tag on the bottom.
  3. For the love of Nvidia, use Flickr or something to show us pictures we can't see any of these lmao.
  4. I someone going to give me an answer?
  5. I'm just gonna guess no. Chromebooks really don't have that much power because they're made to just browse the internet. Despite additional RAM I would guess the CPU is too weak for real processing.
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  8. Thanks! I'm now running Ubuntu on my chromebook.
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