Tnt2 better than geforce 2 ultra?!!

Well i recently just bought a winfast geforce 2 ultra to replace my old tnt2 card- i have the new nvidea drivers but when i play counter-strike i have really low fps - it goes down to 4 sometimes, i usually get 4-30 fps, but with my tnt2 i would get 99-10 fps
here are my specs

p3 648
192 ram

so whats up? my friends are telling me that the card is running to fast for my processor thus lagging the processor and giving me bad fps- BUT CS is the only game with bad fps- my quake 3 runs better and smoother now than with the tnt2

?? HELP!
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  1. are you running CS on directx or open GL? my hunch is htat you need to update to the latest version of directx for win 2k.....quake uses open GL. try switching CS from directx to open GL and see if you FPS goes up. it should.

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  2. Yes. your right. the TNT2 is just plain better than the geforce 2 ultra in so many ways!

    1. its cheaper
    2. the card is smaller
    3. the die size is bigger :)
    4. its resale ratio is better
    5. overclocking ratio is better
    6. its hotter. (i had a fanless one that u could fry an egg on)
    7. if it dies it costs alot less to replace

    if i think of any more ill let u know :)

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  3. Sell me your used GTS ultra for the price of a used TNT2 ulstra and we'll both be happy!

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  4. Man, there something wrong with your system. But if you really think the TNT2 is better, then I'll swap a AGP 2x TNT M64 32MB (in its box! used in a corperate system that never played games! still with manual and original drivers!) for your Ultra. Then I'd be happy, oops, I mean we'd be happy.

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  5. I thought your hamster didn't like sarcasm?

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  6. ouch.
    it doesnt.
    thats why im writing this standing up

    My Hamster doesnt like sarcasm. He may very well bite you in your hard to reach places!
  7. i usually run cs in open gl - but i did try direct3d and all it did was just make it seem i was in a dream graphics state and everything was blurry - so i went back into open gl-

    i think i just need to uninstall my old drivers from my tnt2
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