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Hi people...

I have a problem with my CanoScan FB 630P. Cannot get it to work with Win Me. I have downloaded the latest drivers and i always get some error. Actually it is some "other error". Me includes some scanner & camera folder, something like the printer one but when I use add device it does not work and when I do the install windows does not recognice the scanner. I think thats the problem but I'm not sure. It worked just fine with Win98. Also the text file with the drivers say it is for Win Me.
Anyone got an Idea?

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  1. got same scanner, got same problem, went to canon's website
    search knowledge base. told to change LPT settings. Only worked with EPP (slow but at least could scan). Mine never worked with ECP... Strangely, I am using win 98 SE, with VIA 686A southbridge.
    Hope it solves your irritating problem.
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