Wmplayer.exe opening by itself in 7 x64

Greetings everyone,

Interesting issue I've come across in the last couple of days. I've got a large TV library on my PC and every time I close Windows Media Player after watching a show, the wmplayer.exe process fires up again without me doing anything. The WMP UI does not appear on screen, but it's constantly sucking about 80-100MB of RAM (not a HUGE deal on this system, as I'm running a Core i7 with 12GB of ram) and I want to make the process go away. Has anyone else at least noticed this behavior from 7? This is a copy of 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate RTM. I don't have anything unusual installed on here which would be causing it (at least nothing I didn't have installed previously under Vista.

Any help or insight is appreciated!

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  1. Try with spyboot, or reg cleaner. and if you copy of win 7 is pirated edition this could be the problem.
  2. spybot scan came back clean, and my copy of Windows 7 was downloaded directly from TechnNet with my subscription.
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