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Hello i was thinking of buying an acer aspire timeline


I want a cheap budget computer for around 400£. Im going to watch movies, Play some games, and maybe some programming. I guess the computer have a decent Gt 640M Graphics card and 4gb of Ram, Going to upgrade it to 8gb. But the processor is only Intel core i3 1.4 Ghz dual core. How will this affect my gaming experience? Like at what graphics will i be able to play Bf3 at?
And how much is the difference of i3 1.4 Ghz and i5 1.6 Ghz? Thanks for serious answers
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  1. Gpu is fine but yes the i3 would be problem.look for i5 quad core for 2.0ghz atleast if you want to enjoy gaming.
  2. GPU
    GT640, Upper level Class II GPU. For games (FPS) See:
    Scoot down left side, you will see the FPS for many games.

    CPU (ASHISH65 - Moble i5's are not 4 core normally)
    ... i3-2367M, i5-2410M & i5-3317U are ALL 2 Cores/4 Threads
    ... i3-2367M & i5-2410M are older Sandy Bridge CPUs, i5-3317u is newer IVYBridge
    ..... i3-2367M: 1.4 GHz (No Turbo) and a HD3000 iGPU
    ..... i5-2410M = 2.3 (2.6 GHZ turbo), iGPU=HD3000
    ..... i5-3317u = 1.7 GHz (2.6 GHz Turbo0, iGPU=4000

    For watching DVDs/Blurays - NO difference betweern the three
    surfing the web, reading emails, running uSoft word - Not difference.
    Programming - Compliling can be effected by cpu speed. The more complex the program the greater the effects.
    Multitasking, The older I5-2410M might be a better choice than the i5-3317 for multitasking (has a Higher base speed, But IB makes up for some of this with better optimized). For single thread operation the i5-3317 is the better choice.

    For GPU intensive games, The GPU becomes more important; However there is some gain as CPU speed increases.
    NOTE: a base speed of (i3) 1.4 GHZ and (i5) 1.6 GHz is mox-nixs: however for single core program the i5 has turbo speed that jups up considerable. Many new games can utilize more than one core so that turbo becomes LESS of an issue and it Boils down to notice a speed boost the CPU speed must be >10%, preferably around 20%
  3. Hello, Im thinking of buying a computer and my bydget is around 400£ So i found this computer
    But im a bit worried about the processor, its only i3 2367m 1.4 Ghz. How will it handle Gaming, watching movies and programming? It has a decent Gpu and im going to upgrade the ram to 8gb. How big is the difference of i3 2367 and i5 2467?

    Thanks for answers
  4. Thanks for the Answers :)
  5. Will The i3 2367 Bottleneck the Gt 640m?
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    I3 2367M And i5 2467M
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