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I am looking for a laptop for my girl an I, she needs it for school and I want to be able to play games at decent settings. The most we can afford is about $800. I dont need to play anything super fancy at high or ultra or anything like that I just want to be able to play WOW and various other games and I dont mind having to turn down the gfx settings. I dont need blu-ray. I dont need the laptop to last more than a year or so max. I dont care about brand names as long as its decent quality and not known to sell 'lemons'. Let me know if you need any more details, I think Ive pretty much covered things. Can I do better than this:

$1,349.00 - eCoupon [DOORBUSTER124] -$470.00 = $879.00

IdeaPad Y500 Laptop - 59360241 - Dusk Black: Doorbuster
Part number: 59360241
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Estimated ship date: 2/12/13**
+/- Configuration details

• 3rd Generation Intel Core i7-3630QM Processor( 2.40GHz 6MB)
• Windows 8 64
• NVIDIA GeForce GT650M 2GB
• 8.0GB PC3-12800 DDR3 SDRAM 1600 MHz
• 15.6" FHD LED Glare Wedge 1920x1080
• Industry Standard Multi-touch 2 button touchpad
• 1TB 5400RPM+16GB SSD
• DVD Recordable (Dual Layer)
• 6 Cell Li-Polymer
• Intel Centrino Wireless N-2230
• Bluetooth Version 4.0
• One year
• Notebook
• Integrated HD Camera
• HDMI (Out)

Thank you very much for your time.
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  1. Good price!
  2. That is a good price but don't expect to play high end games at high settings on a laptop. Because of the tight space in a laptop when it starts to heat up it gets too hot and then the CPU throttles. There are a ton of questions on this forum of why my laptop doesn't play this or that game at a decent FPS.
  3. Thanks for your reply, fortunately I am not looking to or expecting to be able to play anything on high settings with fantastic results. I just want to be able to play one way or another, if I have to turn down the gfx settings it doesn't bother me in the least.
  4. The y580 looks a little better, its a little more expensive (about $60) but it will have much better battery life because the y500 series does not run the igp at all (optimus is disabled). The cooling system on the y500 is supposidly better but the y580 does not really have any temperature problems. It also has a slightly better gpu.
  5. Thanks for the tips :)
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