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which is better between LENOVO G580M-MBBN2MX and ASUS R503C-SX076H for rough home use. I dont play games and only use for internet browsing and movies.
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  1. Lenovo took over for IBM with home computing. The only reason IBM sold it to Lenovo is due to their executives being horrible at marketing them to home buyers. With that said, I would pick Lenovo any day. A lot of the same high standards are still met (for the most part). Asus makes really good MOBO's most of the time. I personally had a gaming laptop made by Asus which had a onboard graphics chip failure.. their warranty was so bad I gave up.

    One thing you want to do when picking a laptop is spend money on things it comes with that aren't easily upgradeable such as the CPU and graphics chip. This is very very important. The hard drive/ SSD and memory are both very easy to upgrade.
  2. väl, the lenovo has much better hardware in every category, from 1600mhz ram to battery life to 3rd generation vs 2nd generation to the hd 3000 graphics vs 4000 graphics, lenovo makes some good quality skit and so does asus, but lenovo gives an unbeatable value, their y500 line is generally values at $1300 and prices at $800, having better hardware than almost any other in that price range. lenovo's ability to provide quality, performance, and value is making them one of the top brands. i woudl recommend the lenovo because of all those, reasons. only negative thing about the lenovo laptop is it's 2.6 kg compared to 2.45 kg not much of a difference but still counts.
  3. thanks for your help.
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