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I said I'd never sell it, but knew I was kidding myself. I have
decided to try and sell the Tempest that I un-converted from JAMMA. I
had a blast making it, and it's my favorite game but I never seem to
play it.

$850 firm for a Tempest upright with switchable tubes ROM. I'm located
in Mountlake Terrace, WA - just north of Seattle.

The only issue the machine has is traveling between levels. When the
level zooms to full screen the lines at the right hand side of the
monitor bend instead of stopping at the edge of the screen. It does
not affect game play at all.

I have had two different Tempest PCB's in the game and they both did
it, so it is something with the monitor. I was told that if I cut the
protection circuit on the monitor board it may fix it, but I didn't
want to take the chance of causing something else to happen.

Pictures and full write up of the restore are on my web page:

I have just over $1,000 in the machine, so if I can't get $850 out of
it I'll just hang on to it.
Thanks for looking!
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    Just wondering if you had any other games/projects for sale, since I'm
    just a few miles up the road.
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    EdisonArcade wrote:
    > Just wondering if you had any other games/projects for sale, since I'm
    > just a few miles up the road.
    > Thanks,
    > Dave.

    I've got Asteroids running in an Asteroids Deluxe cabinet (all
    electronics are from an Asteroids cab, physical cab is an Asteriods
    Deluxe). Cabinet is kind of rough, but game works great. Only needs
    the coin slots to PCB wires re-hooked up. I just don't have any of the
    pins that go into the PCB header. Monitor has 2 yoke wires swapped so
    it displays correctly in the mirror (easy 5 second fix if the monitor
    is to be used in a standard cabinet). Black light works also. Asking

    Also have another Tempest cabinet that is currently running MAME. I
    may also sell the cabinet without the MAME gear. I put repro Tempest
    side art on the cab, and I have a complete un hacked Tempest control
    panel and spare working PCB. Asking $800 for the current MAME setup,
    and I haven't thought of a price for the cabinet as a Tempest project.

    You can see pictures of the Tempest MAME on my website, but I don't
    currently have pictures of the Asteroids Deluxe.
    If you want to come by and check them out, just let me know.
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