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I'm in the market for a new laptop computer, and I've started to notice that it's ny impossible to get some benchmarks, or even semblense of benchmarks for mobile graphics processors. As a result, I have no clue as to the performance of these things. With a little luck, I've gotten some benchmark scores for the Geforce2 Go, the ATI Radeon Mobility, and the ATI Mobility 128. The ones I DON'T have and need is for the ATI Mobility M4 (Is it better or worse than that Mobility 128? How does it compare toe the Geforce2 Go?) and the Savage IX (Is it any good at all? How does it compare to, say, the ATI Mobility 128) Any advice / benchmarks would be welcome. Thank you.

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  1. <font color=blue>Sure Wildside. Good question. What do you want to do? Gaming? Twin view support? Support for viewing on a Large real estate screen on a desktop, what?

    No matter what you do, 32mb Geforce2GO is probably the best bet for now.

    Sory, i must admit I haven't seen many benchmark for mobile graphics chips lately. Maybe I'll find some here in a minute.

    :cool: <i><font color=blue>on company time....</i>
  2. Tom did a review on the GO, compairing it to the Radeon Mobility I think. Look at the bottom of your screen, I think it's in his graphics guide.

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