13/14" Laptop <=600 (No Ultra processors)


1. Budget, 600 (650 if you give and tempt me. but 600 maximum)
2. Maximum size is 14", minimum size 12.6". (I wan't something that I can stick in my backpack but not too small).
3. Minimum resolution: 1368 x 768
4: Battery needs to last at least 3 hours heavy usage (I'm open here).
5. Bit of CIV4/5, hitman etc.
6. Storage (Do not mind).
7. Open to reputable sites who won't rob you :)
8. ODD not required
9. Brands, well every brand has a *** product everyone now an then so I'm open here again
10. UK, London.
11. Weight is not a issue, a balance of performance and size is.

Guys, I don't want those Ultra book processors. Something like a i5 3210 seems good.

I have this laptop, Asus u32VJ, (getting a refund if a certain thing happens).

Please let me hear your suggestions!

Thank you all in advance,

Daniel M.
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  1. any ideas?

    I'm open to adjustments if this spec is to hard to match!

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