Upgrade or not too upgrade the great question?

im on a limited budget for lets say 500$, im wondering with the following specs is it worth adding memory to make 8 gigs of ram+ an ssd or would i benefit more from a new laptop at this price point.

current specs.

i3 2.4 gigahertz.

4gigs of ddr3.

500 gig sata2 5400rpm hd.

5650 1 gig ati.


and what would be best for my budget amd or intel thanks.
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  1. it really depends on your OS.

    if you have a 32-bit OS, it only see 4GB of memory; therefore, upgrading would be a waste of money
  2. im using a 64bit os.
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    Ram is cheap, upgrading to 8gb would probably be a good idea.
    If you have only 1 stick of ram now, you will then be able to operate in dual channel mode.
    It is a small performance boost.

    I would not look to change out the i3 unless you are using the laptop for cpu bound multi threaded apps that require a quad.
    And... you probably can't change out the cpu on an existing laptop anyway.

    The big improvement would be to replace the hard drive with a ssd.
    I have done that on every laptop I have purchased.
    You will be amazed by the difference in everything you do. I highly recommend it.
    A 480gb ssd will be less than $500. If you really do not need that much storage, might a 240gb ssd suffice?
  4. id say 128 gb and 8gig memory kit would be good.
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  6. thanks for the help :P
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