Intel BX and ATI Rage Fury Pro

Anyone know why the ATI Rage Fury Pro (Rage 128 Pro Chipset) 32mb AGP w/TV-In/Out video card won't werk with Intel BX Chipset motherboards? It'll boot up fine, but as soon as you install the drivers, either the video won't come back on after reboot, or it'll come back on in 16 color mode. My GeForce2MX card works just fine on it and so does a ATI 8mb AGP card. I've tried the card on an a7v and it works just fine. It just refuses to work properly under intel's BX chipset. I have a friend with a the same kind of card having the same problems running the card on bx based systems. I noticed, that for some reason, when the drivers are installed, it tries to set the IRQ to some IRQ that conflicts with the SBLive. Booting to safe mode and changing the IRQs doesn't correct the problem. Disabling the SBLive in the bios and/or changing the SBLive's IRQ preferences doesn't help.

System Specs:

Creative PCBlaster
Intel 440BX Chipset
OnBoard SBLive Platnium 5.1
DirectDrive IR with Radio Tuner
PIII 500 Slot 1
WD Cavier 13gb HD
250Watt PowerSupply
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  1. Actually it was DESIGNED for the BX. It's not the chipset, it's a combination of Windows, BIOs settings, and user errors. Go into BIOS and set it to "PNP OS-NO". Then BIOS should give your card it's own IRQ. If that doesn't work, rip that sh:tty Live Platinum out after removing it from device manager, set up the video card, and then reinstall the Live Platinum. I have the right to talk crap about the Live Platinum 5.1, I own one.

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  2. Crashman's right, you need to take out the soundcard and then reinstall the ATI Card. Once that works fine, go to the BIOS and tell the Bios to assign IRQ to VGA device. Once that's done, put your SB on the third slot and reinstall the drivers and disable the Non-PnP OS on the Bios as well. This should fix your problems.

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