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Hello, Found a msi gx740 on a swedish trading forum. in its good condition and the specs are
• Display 17"WSXGA+ Glare(1680x1050)
• CPU Intel®Core i5, 430M(2.26GHz)
• Graphics ATI HD5870 1GDDR5
• Memory 4GB DDR3
• HDD 500GB(7200rpm)
• OS W7HP 64bit
• 2.0M Webcam
• 9 cell battery
• WLAN 802.11AGN
• Bluetooth
• Color Black/Red Brushed Metal
• 120W Power Adapter
• Dimensions 395x278x33~39.5mm
• Weight 3.2Kg (6cells)

The Computer only cost 600-650$ and is just 3 weeks old. What do you think? im going to be gaming on it, but also use it for school work, programming and watch movies. How well can it handle new games like Bf3, MoH warfighter and such. Thanks for answers
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  1. Sorry the laptop is not 3 weeks its about a year, misread by me, But does anyone have an opinion?
  2. That gpu is about equivalent to 640m -650m and the cpu is about equivalent to a i3 sandy or ivy.

    That computer is built using components that are more than two years old (generations), its also a laptop, I would see if you can get a better deal somewhere else. The battery is probably worn as well (even sitting unused they will degrade).

    Its best to spend a little more and get something better. You can probably get a better price elsewhere. Try to get an i5 and a 640-650m. You should be able to get that for around ~600 USD.

    The computer above I would pay no more than $550.
  3. Not worth it. I wouldn't pick it up for any more than $300.
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