Satellite m115

i have a satellite laptop m 115 running window 7 4gb ram
i thought it was the screen so i replaced it but it still has problems when first turned on it has lines all over and then they change colors. i swamped out the ram and different hard drive what shall i do next
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  1. Sounds like your GPU (Graphics Card) is on the way out! I have seen this many many times, where coloured lines appear on the screen. Try updating or rolling back your GPU drivers.

    If I am write in thinking, that laptop originally came with Windows XP installed? You may find Windows 7 is not 100% compatible with your laptop. Try this:
  2. wow all these veterans and i had to figure it out myself so if anybody runs into a similar problem it is the LCD inverter which i found on ebay for 24$ and to think i almost threw it away
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