Dog peed on keyboard

this is a satellite c650 laptop running windows 7 with 4gb ram, and a dog climbed on couch and peed on the keyboard 2 months ago so yesterday i ripped the system aparted and really cleaned it up and replaced the keyboard .it was running then it started lagging and now it wont turn on.
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  1. sorry for your misfortune but, lmao.
  2. was the dog named sparky??? :o :o :o
  3. He did it when? Didn't you think it might have dried out a bit by now and encrusted itself around the delicate bits? Sorry old chap but I think the machine is past it - at best you might get a few pounds.dollars for the screen.?
  4. LMAO!!!

    Sorry, about your misfortune. Was the laptop on when this happened? The only thing I can think of is that you did not clean off all the dried urine which could have cause a short circuit somewhere.
  5. no the system was off be my son turned it on in mourning and then realized what had happened from the smell and then turn it off then it sat for couple months and i just replaced the keyboard it was up and running fine for a couple of hours then it started lagging and then no screen but can see the lights on and the fan is runnning
  6. Yeah that thing is fried for sure. You're only hope, and it would have been a long shot, would have been to disconnect and rinse(somehow) components off with distilled water then allowing the parts to thoroughly dry before reconnecting. I know from experience that this works on cell phones and simpler devices. a laptop though....
  7. Well propper training might have prevented this mishap...
    But unfotunately I would guess that the dog got the better of your thorough cleaning.
    Is your dog working for Apple by chance?
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    Apparently covering soaking wet phones or laptops with rice does a lot to absorb the water.
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