Which ones better ?

Ok so i want a laptop and i found two but cant decide which one to get please comment which one you think will run better ... i have no clue

Laptop 1 - Intel® Core™ i5 3210M, 4gb ram, 2GB DDR3 NVIDIA® GT635M

Laptop 2 - Intel Core i7-3632m , 4gb ram, AMD Radeon HD 7670M 1GB

So pretty much will the i5 with the gt635m 2gb or the i7 with the amd 7670m 1gb

Please help !!

And yes i want it for gaming just not over 700 bucks
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  3. very good but unfortunetly im australian so they dont really apply to me
  4. Eek. Neither of those are going to game very well - they're both dual core CPUs with low-end graphics. The second option will be better, but don't expect anything impressive from it.
  5. ok, so what would be suitable but not more then 800?
  6. I would guess the i7 and 7670m will be a bit faster.
    You can check out some gameplay here using different laptops...
    Hope this helps...jq
  7. Thankyou very much !!!
  8. The 635m is better than the 7670m. It'll play med-high on most games. The i7 is better than the i5 but it won't make a difference in most games.
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