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I am looking for disassembly instructions because I need to have a technician remove/disable the camera and the wireless capabiliity of a Sony Vaio UX280P in order to eek to have the administrators at forensic psychiatric hospital accept that i provide this unit to a patient for whom this administration forbades any access to camera or access to the Internet. I believe these hypersensitive administrators will accept this device as a "glorified" mp3/mp4 audo/video player provided that I can assure them that the camera and wireless capabilities have been removed or permanently disabled.
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  1. I don't know if you could find disassembly instructions (I will look though) although a technician should be able to easily remove the camera and wifi and lan card.
  2. It has a usb port, that would have to be removed also, because something could be plugged in
  3. It would be too much work to do, and cost you money. Forget it best Idea.
    Or go to the admin, since there so smart and ask them to resolve the problem.
    Oh that would cost them money! so there you go. Obviously for mental patient safety.
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