Compatablity Issue

I have Dell inspiron N4010 laptop with core i3 processor and windows 7 Home premium 64 bit OS.
My prob is that i have a software which runs fine on xp sp2 but does not works on Window 7
It gives the following error

"cannot run due to in compatibility with 64 bit version of window"

i have Google it and found the a compatibility product "windows XP mode "Can over come this issues"" but i cant install this because bcoz "window XP mode" can only be installed on window 7 professional or window 7 ultimate edition and not on home premiun.

Please tell me is there any solution
Thanks in advance
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    you could try running xp in a virtual machine (vmware) or you could dual boot with a 32-bit OS
  2. Thanks jefe323 (vmware) solved my problem.
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