Troubleshooter when updated fujitsu lifebook SH561 firmware and bios

I've got some problem during update firmware and bios for my fujitsu lifebook SH561. I used The firmware and bios Vpro ver 1.19. When I tried to update the firmware using FWUpdlcl.exe (the file called 'ME7_5M(v7.1.52.1176)_UPD_Production.BIN') it shows "Error 8710: Firmware update failed due to insufficient memory". When I've tried to update my bios (bios file is 'GRVV119F.exe') it said "The specied bios data file is not correct for this model. Please specify the correct bios data file for this model". I'm preety sure I've got the correct firmware and bios (Vpro model) because the support center has email to me wich are the correct firmware and bios for Lifebook SH561 model.
Please anybody help me deal with these problem
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  1. shouldn't you ask the support center?
  2. I know this is no Fujitsu but general hardware forums...if you are seeking specific answer then contact the manufacturer as they know more about their own products than us..
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