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Ok im between a rock and a hard place here guys and this is very urgent. Im a web designer so my entire life (pay check etc.) is on my computer and need it runnning asap. I built a gaming rig and it has been running fine for months. Had some trouble with it a couple days ago but have since fixed it. Had a few problems like it wouldnt run some games right like not showing some game icons etc. So i did a system restore and had even more problems and tried further repairs and now it wont boot up windows past the Splash screen and all it shows is the my cursor. I really need this computer up and running this is extremely urgent please help guys.
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  1. Boot in with the Windows 7 disk and try the repair startup. If that doesn't get you going, you will probably need to give more details about what you have done.
  2. I tried booting with Windows 7 disc and had the same problem, so I went through BIOS and set boot to the disc drive and it did the same thing. So what I did was I tried to install a Turtle Beach Santa Cruse sound card and tried drivers that didn't work and toyed with BIOS setting. With this problem I reset CMOS and BIOS via JBAT1 jumpers and the CMOS battery. After doing so my computer ran swimmingly, I played a game and the menus weren't working right at all so I did a system restore before I installed the drivers, and then had further problems such as my key board wasn't typing, I proceeded to do one more system restore and now Windows doesn't boot past "Starting Windows" and sits there black screen with cursor and my mother board keeps cycling the same protocol over and over again (read out display). I have ordered a new small SSD to run windows off of with a partition to see if tis works. If it doesn't I will return with more questions and answers to any further questions.
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