Best gaming laptop of these three

I would like to buy a laptop and have found 3 laptops fitting my specs and budget.
Firstly, my preferences are:
i5(2nd or 3rd gen), 4GB ram, 1TB , 2GB graphics.
I use it for gaming (low or medium settings ok), photoshop, low level video editing, autocad.
These are models:
HP Pavilion G6 2313
Samsung NP350V5C

Here is the comparision (iam an Indian. rs40000=$800),COMDC8CNUYXZVZEZ,COMD7VPKTSFNFZWM
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  1. The Samsung looks good to me with the newer cpu.
  2. The 7670m is better as well as the i5. The samsung also comes with windows 7 while the others don't. 2Gb graphics is just a gimmick at this low end, it will not improve performance over 1gb.
  3. Just throwing out there, the i5 is a bad pick - it's an i3 that's clocked 200 MHz higher and $200 more.

    You're dealing with mobile parts, so keep in mind that the only way to get a quad-core CPU is to get an i7 that ends with "QM" - otherwise an i3 or an i7 is the way to go; the i5 is a waste, unfortunately.
  4. Mobile IB i3 price range is $225-$250, the i5 price range is $225 to $276. But oems will put a bigger price difference. The i3 with 7670m is a $100 difference on that site and 100mhz (500mhz turbo on all cores or 700mhz on one core). I5 also have turbo.
  5. Always go with the best GPU then CPU second. If you want a descent gaming laptop, get a i7 and a nvidia 650m or AMD 7000 series based GPU nothing less. With a SSD. Samsung gamers series, Asus G75, or Alienware M14x to name a few.
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