At Startup...message "press home to abort RPL" ???

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I just installed Yahoo DSL......the first time I restarted my computer I got
the message "Press home key to abort RPL" Then a bunch of other numbers and

When I pressed the home key it said "Exiting Intel Boot Agent" and started
up as usual.

During installation of Yahoo I received a 'malicious code alert'...could
this have been a problem? What is RPL? I have an idea but don't want to
sound like a total fool if I'm wrong soooo....I'd like to get this fixed.
Any help would be appreciated! :)

I'm an intermediate computer person....please keep that in mind when your
explaining the problem/fix. Thanks.
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  1. I see this is 7 years old, but I currently just ran into the same problem. I work at an IT management firm and no one here has seen this before. I'm using a Windows XP machine on SP2 and after removing an older version of AVG I got this message.
  2. The RLP (remote program load) enables an adapter to boot your PC with files that the computer receives from a LAN server.
    So first thing you should do is check boot order in bios
    If not, try setting bios to default.
    Also U can try checking out everything in your bios related to network adapters, LAN, or other things related to network
    and temporary disable them to see what is causing the problem.
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