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I just upgraded my system to a thunderbird 850 (100x 8.5) on a DFI AK74EC mobo with 20g w/d 5400rpm, sb live. I put my old TNT2 M64 32mb card in, and ran my Final Reality Benchmark, and the 3d processing was slower that it was with my old system, which had a mode 4 hd, k6-2 333 processor and the same video card.

What can be the problem. The 2d looks great, but the 3d performance was horrible. I loaded the detonator drivers, (reference) not the I/O magic ones.
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  1. first, which reference drivers did you load.....the recent ones are not optimized for that card.

    second, get a new card! that is one of the worst tnt cards ever. to couple it with a athlon 850 is crazy. i know, money doesnt grow on trees, but thats like coupling an 850 with a 2 gig hard disk......doesnt jive.

    ignore everything i say
  2. I just finally upgraded my 2G!
  3. Try reloading the VIA 4 in 1 drivers. Sometimes it takes a couple times to make them work.

    I aint signing nothing!!!
  4. yea man go for something higher than a TNT2 M64 for your 850.

    but for your problem, use the old drivers you have on the drivers cd that came with your TNT2. the new drivers are optimised for the newer GeForce cards (nVidia use the same drivers for their cards) so you can use them if you want on your TNT2 but you'll get lower performance.

    also make sure you have the same settings enabled that you had going in your k6. i know when i optimised my OpenGL setting for speed i got almost double the frame-rates in the quake timedemo. so check to see if your card is optimised for speed or quality on your thunderbird.
  5. I ran a TNT2 M64 on puter b4 i got DDR32mb and i thought it was brilliant.Are they 2 times agp by memory?If so did you able that in the bios?Did you set your AGP aperature size to half your physical system ram size? GL
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