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Simple question, but I can't seem to figure out the proper way to search for the answer on google.

If I have a computer that's running Windows XP and I install a second hard drive that has Windows 7 already installed on it, how does that work? What would I need to do to be able to have it dual boot, or to be able to choose which operating system to login at boot?

Also, I'm wondering what problems I might run into. I can already think of a few. I have installed Windows 7 onto the hard drive using an AMD based set up, and I want to take it out and put it into an Intel based computer. So basically all of the drivers would be wrong, for pretty much all of the hardware on the system. But 7 is at least pretty decent at recognizing and utilizing different hardware and changing itself as necessary.

I've done something similar before. I installed 7 on my personal computer, an AMD set up, then taken it to a friend's house and installed it in his computer and booted it up. It takes a little while, but Windows says it has detected all these hardware changes then corrects itself accordingly. His computer has been running fine now for a long time.

But I've never done it in the aspect of dual booting. I want to install it on someone's computer and give them a choice of which operating system to log into.
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  1. I can see several possible problems, first one being what you have already experianced due to different hardware, it's hit and miss whether it works or not.
    The next problem is to do with the licence, is this an OEM version? in which case it would not be transferable.
    Is this a genuine Windows activated licence? You would need to phone in for activation.
    If so why not use the instalation disk to do clean install upgrade from XP and save the hassles. This would create a dual boot menu for you.
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