Parting out an Atari WARLORDS

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Im parting out an Atari WARLORDS. Im keeping the cabinet and coin-door
but everything else is up for grabs. Open to trades. Pictures can be
made available upon request. Send me an email if interested.


Marquee - Nice condition 7 or 8

Monitor Overlay - Nice condition but clean it with Novus.

Bezel Plexi with artwork - Has cigarett burns accross the bottom -
overal 4 or 5.

PCB - Working 100%

B/W Monitor with Chassy - Working 100% (could use a cap kit)Prefer not
to shipp this but can work something out.

Complete Control Panel with working 1&2 player cone buttons. Overall 7
condition after cleaning.
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    PCB and harness have been sold - Thanks Dan!

    - Mike
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