CD-ROM lists as unknown in Device Manager??

I installed some Pinnacle video editing software the other day, and somehow it messed up my CD-ROM registry entries. Caused my ROM drives not to be recognized by Windows XP. So I followed the directions off Pinnacles site and all was good. Today I realized I can't use WinXPs built in CD-ROM burning (drag and drop from explorer) features. I checked the device manager and it lists my CD-ROMs and "unknown". I tried uninstalled, reinstalling, etc. Perhaps I deleted a registry key I shouldn't have? Is there a way to fix this, or have windows rewrite the rom entries? Thanks.
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  1. I know that if you instal a aftermarket eg. nero, etc burning software, it becomes the default.

    There is a easy way to restore XP'S default software, but sorry I forget. I read it in a comprehensive WinXP manual in a bookshop. Also, you can select which software is used.

    Try Microsofts FAQ section at there web site and if all else fails, do a XP repair with the OS CD's.

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  2. You might try to roll back the cd rom driver and see if that helps. From device manager, double click the cd rom, then go to the driver tab. Then click on roll back driver.

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