My laptop have virus and i cant copy the files to my pebdrive what to do

my laptop contains virus i think.i am having some data there.If i try to copy them to pendrive.It shows"it should be format".What i do? pls help me
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  1. Does the pendrive recognize in another computer? If yes, try booting the laptop into safe mode and try copying the files again.

    If no, try reformatting the drive (this will erase everything currently stored on the pendrive!!!). If it does not format, it may need to be replaced.

    Thumbdrives do go bad over time. The newer ones are made to last a lot longer than the older ones were.
  2. from another pc download and make hirem boot cd and run anti virus on it. or make or download a virus rescue boot cd/usb stick from any of the main anti virus compaines.
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