Help me to choose: Voodoo, nVidia, Stealth, Matrox

Heyia !!!
I have a Voodoo 3 2000. I got 3 other cards:

1. nVidia Riva TNT2 64 - Vanta 16 - 16mb
2. Matrox MGA G200A (I think it have 16mb)
3. Diamond Stealth III S500 32Mb

Ok... all them have support 3D Games ?!
What them is better in general ?
What the is better to use Photoshop and 3D Studio ?!

Please help me to choose one or i must continue with my voodoo ?? Sorry my broken English.

Thank very much !!!!
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  1. in 3dsmax your not going to get much better performance out between those, though if I had to guess I'd say the tnt2 but it is the m64 and only 16mb. Photoshop isn't reliant on the video card. Since you have all of them you should test them out. How much mb does the v3 2000 have? My guess is the the stealth III 32mb might be the better of them all.
  2. my Voodoo have 16mb.
    I dont know how use... ah.... all cards are PCI, the matrox is AGP.
    Ok ??
    1 vote to stealth :)
    i hope have some much opnions.
    Thanks !
  3. If you have an agp slot i would go with the matrox because all matrox cards have very good if not the best 2d performance as for rendering in 3dmax and photoshop it depends more on your cpu and memory. Also if i rember correctly all matox cards from g200 up come with multi monitor support. If you run this card as agp you could also have one of your othercards in a pci slot as a secondary video adapter.
    Here are some specs on the matrox card

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  4. I'll answer that if you can answer this-which was better, a '76 Pinto, Vega, or Gremlin?

    Video killed my Radio Card!
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