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I just got the GT60 0ne w/ GTX 680m and I am really in awe of it. I have had only mid entry level notebooks int the past and they haven't been anything great. This one has good build quality, feels nice and solid during use, and is suited nice for gaming. The Steelseries keyboard built into it feels great, much more of a solid feel when typing and gaming. Not to mention that the customization ability of the led back-lights give it a nice fun feel. The audio is actually good, as I am usually a headphone person I am finding myself gaming with Spotify cranked up through the onboard speakers. The screen is 1920x1080 and @ 15" it is very sharp and looks great, even when text is small it is crisp and clean. I Have enjoyed my time gaming with it over the weekend. I played WoW for a few hours and loved that I could tune the settings to look great with good framerates. I love the screen for gaming, though I found that I had to increase text size in WoW to actually read it easily as it was nice and readable but insanely small lol. I will be trying more games over the coming days and will be running a few benchmarks to see how it fares. Does anyone else have one - or used one? Interested in what you think and if there are recommendations for gaming on laptops? Like good packable headsets, good small gaming mice, and the like.
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  1. anyone know of a good bluetooth mouse for gaming other than the Razer one?
  2. Thanks for the mini review! GT60 is a beast indeed.Glad you're enjoying it.
    As for headset,I've tried Razer/Logitech/Sennheiser headsets and my vote simply goes to Sennheiser.(the PC 350/360 models)They offer superb audio quality and are very comfortable.

    As for Mice,I recommend Logitech G700.I've had it for about 2 years and it's been working flawlessly.I like Razer designs but the build quality of their keyboard/mice is sub par IMO
  3. I have the G600 MMO mouse and have become used to it enough where I am going to have a hard time going to a wireless... I wish they made the MX anywhere available in BT as I love it and use one at work
  4. Found a $100 rebate form for those looking at GT60 0ne w/ GTX 680m and some of the GT70 models for the US - friend at work is just about to pull the trigger on this now, took my notebook to work lol.
    covers from Feb 1 - Feb 28th
    UPCs in the PDF
    GT60 0NE-249US
    GT60 0NE-403US
    GT70 0NC-008US
    GT70 0NC-012US
    GT70 0ND-204US
    GT70 0ND-491US
    GT70 0NE-446US
    GT70 0NE-452US
    The PDF for the rebate < my google docs
  5. Just a bit of tests for now - I can do better with a win 7 benching image no doubt :D

  6. This is great !
    Are you overall satisfied with the laptop? any cons ?
  7. I love it, it has by far exceeded my expectations for audio, speed, gaming ability, screen, weight, and over all usage. I would definitely recommend this to my friends offline if they were looking for a great 15" gaming notebook. My only frustrations are with win8 and the benchmarks as I can do far better by putting a custom tweaked benching OS on a SSD and running on that. But that is the extreme overclocker (think ln2, competitive) in me that is in cryo storage lol.
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