Nvidia Geforce 2 mmx

I bought the above mentioned for an Abit KT133 Motherboard I have not been able to get the card to work. When booting up it comes up all blurred, this goes away only after switching the pc on and off numerous times. I also have another motherboard - Via Appollo mvp3 k3-6, it does the same thing on this pc. If I use my Voodoo graphics card (AGP) all is ok. I sent the card back to dabs.com but got no joy (they say there isn't a problem. Could someone give me ideas on where I am going wrong? I am using win98 second edition.

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  1. could be that your power supplies are not powerful enough.
  2. I'd definitely say the power supply base on the information, but can you give us full specs of your system?

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  3. Heres the spec:
    Graphics: Geforce 2mx 32mb agp rp
    Power supply: atx 300w atx12v
    Motherboard: Abit Socket A 266FSB UDMA100 VIA KT133A
    Sound card : Creative Soundblaster Live!
  4. ok, do you know the maker of the powersupply? If not, do you see any markings displaying technical info about voltages and amps?
  5. The manufacturer is AOpen:

    Mainboard Supported ATX
    Power Provided 250 Watt
    Power Supply / Device Power supply internal
    Voltage Provided +3.3, +5, +12 V
    Voltage Required AC 110/220 V ¦ 10% ( 50/60 Hz )

    Ram on my PC 256MB
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