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In a search I read that it is possible to load Vist mail into Win 7. How does one do this?
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  1. Well its possible because its the same program. What you have to do is export your Vista mail from Vista and then import it in 7.

    But I would also suggest moving to Live Mail. Its much better than the stock program and is free as well.
  2. When I changed from vista to windows 7, there were two incompatible programs, my onecare anti virus and windows mail.

    Don't fight it. Windows live mail is equally good, and microsoft security essentials is also very good. Both free.
  3. Yes you can put vista mail into windows 7 as long as you have access to vista win mail directory. Did that on my wife's new built (I3-540 Win 7, 32 bit) a little over a month ago and she has had no problems. You have to first go in to vista and change permission so you have permission. (see if I can find the Link). Then copy to a thumb drive. On the Win 7, Rename win Mail directory to Old Win Mail, then copy Vista win mail director there. Don't forget if for Win 7 64 Bit, you need the Vista 64 Bit. Win Mail.

    Here is one link

    Found my notes, here is a better outline of the procedures:
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