[Solved] Boot device not found Hard disk (3F0)

I have a compaq laptop and unfortunately I cannot start it up due to it shows "BOOT DEVICE NOT FOUND" (3FO) and I dont know why and I dont know what it is. I need help with this. What am I suppose to do?

Thank You
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  1. Hello... it is looking for your Bootable Operating system, to start up. typically it's your hardrive it is looking for... Something has changed that it is not finding your Operating System on your Hardrive... Could be a setting in your BIO's, a connection problem, or a failure of your hardrive.
  2. Well I have bad news for you. You either have a busted hard drive or you laptop motherboard has died.

    Is it still under warranty?

    Try going into your BIOS (press delete at startup) and check if it detects anything under SATA or IDE.
  3. I dont know if it has warranty, it was a gift for a family member that passed away
  4. What can I do?
  5. Hello... download the manual for it, and learn how to get into the BIO's... do you have a DISK/CD/DVD/USB drive plugged into it while starting? Remove it... Ask a computer savy friend to help you, look at it?... take it to a local computer repair shop.
  6. I have made my suggestion. Try the above and get back to us.
  7. the solution there is by replacing the hard drive and immediately the system will come back to life okay ,it simply mean that the drive failed why trying to boot and where no eble to regain it stand.
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