Manual Clock Adjustments AMD A10-4600M Radeon HD7660G

Is it pssible to manually control the clock speeds with this APU?

My Laptop

Toshiba Satellite S875D-S7239 17.3"

AMD A10 4600M 2.3GHz (3.2GHZ with Turbo Core Tech)

AMD Radeon HD7660G 800mhz 512mb Dedicated VRAM



I know the CPU is supposed to be overclocked Dynamically with the Turbo Core Tech,but I would like to have manual control over the overclocking function.Mind you I don't want to exceed the limits, just control the settings.
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  1. I am pretty sure you can change to the max it will turbo up to by raising or lowering it but I am pretty sure you cannot keep direct control of it and set it on the fly as you need it.
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