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I have just installed the NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 M64/M64 PRO Its on my device manager but has a ! over it saying that I need to and I quote "Multiple Display Support cannot start this device. The area of memory normally used by video is in use by another Program or Device. To enable Multiple Display Support, remove EMM386 or other memory managers from Config.sys and restart your computer."

I have also the 810 chipset installed (it won't let me not install it), but it works because that's the way my Husband has his set up on his computer. He can't remember what he did or if he even got the same message as me when he installed his card. I have a Packard Bell Club 77 not sure of the motherboard.

I have installed Black & White and it works fine, but when trying to use another game that is not a 3D only game that was already installed on my computer, the game won't reconize I have a 3D card installed.

If someone could explain how to solve the ! problem I would greatly appreciate it!
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  1. I don't like to step in and advise on hardware I don't know about, but I would start by
    editing the Config.sys file and either remove the emm386 statement or put "REM" at
    the beginning of the line, thus making it simply a remark and not an executable line.
    You need to get the warning off the device in hardware manager…check for IRQ conflicts
    as well.

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