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I'm looking for a laptop or tablet that supports Microsoft Office and is $300 or less. Other than the ability to take notes and work in office, it would also be very nice if it was mobile as well.
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  1. You won't find much for that price. This 11.6" Acer Model will run it, but won't be particularly fast because it only has a Celeron CPU and 2GB of RAM (easily upgradeable to 4 or 8GB):

    If you were able to go up to $350 and can compromise on size a little, this 15.6" Asus will be faster.

    If it really must be $300 or less, maybe you should look into refurbished models. This 14.1" Dell would probably be your best bet:

    Hope this is helpful.
  2. You won't find ANY tablet that can do that at that price. You might consider a chrome book with google docs.
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    If you must use MS Office, then your best bet is a netbook considering your $300 limit.

    The following 10.1" Acer netbook is the only new netbook selling for under $300 t Newegg. Naturally, there are more places than Newegg to buy a netbook, but they have an excellent filtering system that is sorely lacking at many major e-tailers. Try searching Amazon, they might have a larger selection.
  4. The only tablets that can run MS Office are the tablets capable of running Windows RT such as the Microsoft Surface. However, these tablets start at $500.

    The only tablets selling for less than $300 are 7" Android tablets. MS Office does not exist for the Android OS.
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