Can anyone write a simple batch file?

when i do a backup using veritas we have a database program that stays open and doesnt backup. i would like to write a simple batch command to close the app and reopen it after backup completes. does anyone know how to do this? the app is called paradigm. there is an option under the advanced tab when you click active jobs in veritas that will allow this.

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  1. is it a system service or an actual app? cs game server -
  2. paradigm is a fund raising database app. veritas, as you probably know is the tape backup app. whats happening is that the veritas backup skips over the paradigm database b/c it is "in use" (even if it isnt, just b/c its started on the server), so i want to add a batch command to veritas that will shut down the paradigm service/app when the backup starts and restart it when it finishes.

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  3. try disabling the service for that program, if there is one. if disabling the service causes the data base to not be in use your gold. if not we need to find a way to terminate a proccess from a command line, im sure there is a way to do it, ive never had the need. cs game server -
  4. well, if i stop that service, the app stops. i forgot to add that i leave at 3 and they work till 7. so i cant stop it. i wanted to have it stop at 9 for backup then restart on its own after backup completed. sorry, i forgot to mention that.

    what im doing now isnt too bad, i added an entry in the "send to" menu for each day of the week and in the am i shut down the app, rt click the database and sent it to the respective folder that is being backed up. its a day behind, but thats ok. i just wanted to have veritas do all of it in case im not in to do that.

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  5. you can make a batch file with this in it:
    net stop "servicename"
    and use the scheduler to run it at 7 or somthing, you might even be able to use veritas to run it before the backup job starts. then at 6 am or whatever time they get in schedule another batch file to run with:
    net start "servicename" cs game server -
  6. ok... thats what im lookin for. thanks. i copied the service name from services etc and put it into veritas, so we'll see how it goes. i'll let you know. thanks again!!!

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  7. Why don't you install the Open File Option from Veritas?

    It's on the CD. Install the trial. Remote Option is more expensive than the Backup -Exec itself, but just see.

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  8. i think i will do that. that things been actin wacky for a week.

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