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I am using acer aspire 5745.
My screen brightness at right most bottom corner (only in corner not in whole screen) got reduced.
I don't why it happened but i think it occured due to magnetic field effect because I was keeping my laptop near to the speakers.
Now how to fix this problem? Please reply me if you have any idea. My email address id '' .
Thank you.
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    first dont post emails on forums unless you like spam
    lcd dont get affected by magnetism..that only works in older style crt tube monitors
    your screen backlight is probably failing so you should get your screen replaced. contact acer and they will want you to ship them the laptop one way and they will pay for shipping back
  2. sorry but my laptop screen is LED.
  3. dipakharwara said:
    sorry but my laptop screen is LED.

    Hi :)

    The LED screen is failing...

    All the best Brett :)
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