Decent multimedia laptop with decent battery

Hi I am looking for a laptop that has:

- Discrete Graphics ( GT640M or better )
- 5+ hours battery life on WLan (not gaming battery life of course)
- Less than 2.8 kg (the lighter the better)
- Not too thick/bulky
- Good display (actually average quality will be adequate. I wouldn't mind a HD+ or FHD screen, though)

I am not a hardcore gamer but I like to try out a few games when I have time. I am not looking to max out settings or anything. I ll be happy with Medium settings. I would also like to be able to carry around the laptop without too much of a problem and looking for electricity around. I have a budget around 600£. Then again, the prices could be different where I live compared to UK, so I am open for suggestions.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Also wanted to add a question. Am I good to go with 630M or 7670M for medium settings? For games like BF, CoD, Crysis, etc.
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