Which of these laptops? $800 budget

So, my friend needs a new laptop and she wants me to pick one out fot her cuz she knows nothing about buying one. It must come from Best Buy as she has $400 in gift cards to there. Max budget is $800.

Computer will be mostly for school and home use.

Here's what I have picked out so far:

Asus VivoBook 14.1 $704

Asus 15.6" Ultrabook $659

HP Envy 15.6" Laptop $700

HP Envy 14" Touchscreen Ultrabook w/ Turbo Boost $750

HP Envy 14" Touchscreen Ultrabook w/o Turbo Boost $700

Was wondering what you all thought of these, or if you had any other suggestions.
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  1. I personally like the two Asus models you listed. Both come with an SSD for the OS and both have a decent list of specs that will be more than enough for just home and office type use. I would probably go with Vivobook, just because it's 1.5" smaller. Big laptop/ultrabooks are a pain. I would just look for a small ultrabook. Anyone should fit your friends needs.
  2. Well, this would be easier to help if you were to ask her if she preferred a touch screen or a regular mouse and keyboard.

    I would think the user experience on the ASUS would be better being that it has 24GB of SSD....

    However, I think comparing a touchscreen to a regular laptop is like comparing a kiwi to an apple.
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