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July 17, 2011: Hi. I just upgraded my laptop from Windows Vista home premium to WIndows 7 Home Premium.
Seems there is a bug. Windows 7 loads version 12 for Word, so when you go into Windows explornet and double click to open a word file: .doc or .docx it cannot open because it is not associated to the new version12 that Windows 7 installed.
It is looking for the old version 11. You can only open word files from within the WORD application...file/open...

Is there a fix for this bug? Help please! Deinstalling and reinstalling Microsoft Office programs 3 times yeilded no change.
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  1. Word 11 is part of Microsoft Office version 11.0, which is essentially Office 2003. While Office 2007 is version 12. Which one exactly did you have for your previous operating system?
  2. ksampanna said:
    Word 11 is part of Microsoft Office version 11.0, which is essentially Office 2003. While Office 2007 is version 12. Which one exactly did you have for your previous operating system?

    Interesting, my IT technician said that was the problem, but now I wonder because I bought my Laptop originally loaded with Window Vista Home Premium and Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007.

    I upgraded to: Windows 7 Home Premium, and installed:
    Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 software, I already had the following on my system:
    Corel Photo & Video Pro Bundle X3. Also installed and de-installed Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro- which we de-installed and re-installed several times as it it didn't like Word 2007- would not add in the ADOBE /Create PDF add-in onto the word menu bar on the top, until we found Word/Options, Disabled plugins/Go, Clicked on Adobe plug-in, enabled, then it appeared in the Word menu bar and worked. Interesting.

    Bottom line, from Windows explorer, it doesn't open up word docs, a message appears reading:
    "Do you want the following Program to make changes to the computer" the program being Microsoft Office Word. path is to Microsoft Office/Office12/Winword.Exe. (doesn't point to Word 7 Version is what my IT guy said, so maybe I misunderstood about version 11, rather it points to the olld Microsoft Office Word, instead of the new Word 7?
    If you click Yes, the Word application comes up blank and you also get an error message: "there was a problem sending the command to the program".

    I had my computer scanned and cleared of viruses twice before doing the upgrade, so that was apparently OK.

    No one is able to fix it after many $$$ spent in IT repair. Any ideas are greatly appreciated as I have a huge webinar to prepare for and will be sharing my Word files.... Thanks :}
  3. best thing to do is make sure the old Office version is totally removed it may pay to uninstall Office 2007 as well and start with a clean slate.
    Get the Office Removal Wizard to get rid of Office 2003 from:
    Temporarily disable your antivirus while removing Office.
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    Yes, "upgrading" to a new OS is always inferior to doing a clean install. It ensures that you have no remnant files from the old operating system which can interfere with youir current operating system; which, in your case, is probably the old Office 2003.
    I recommend backing up all your important files, formatting the entire drive & doing clean installs of everything.
  5. Thank you all for your very excellent input and opinions. As it turns out, no matter what we did, could not get Word to run properly after the WIndows 7 upgrade. Ended up, as suggested, reformatting and a new clean install, and that did the trick. Then I lost a lot of my PC functionality because the technician didn't re-install my PC specific drivers and Bios. Connect Pro- repair technicians for Future Shop- manager mentioned most drivers weren't supported by Windows 7. Oh really? for a relatively new LG notebook? At this stage of the game, I decided best to bite the bullet, spend more money but go to a reputable PC repair shop, which I did, and the gentlemen installed all my drivers without a hitch and I am up and running smooth and clean!
    Thanks for your input, really helped when I was getting the run-around and not sure what to believe or what best next steps to take! Much appreciated. Sylvia
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