Using my laptop as a gaming screen for ps3.

I need to get some patches for a PS3 game I am playing. The only internet connection I have is on my laptop. How can I connect the PS3 system to my laptop so I can have access to the internet and use the laptop as my monitor or screen?
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  1. You can't connect a PS3 to your laptop and use the laptop's display like that. While your laptop may have a HDMI port, that is an output port, not input.

    Why can't you connect your PS3 to the same network, wired or wireless, that your laptop is connected to? My PS3 supports both wired and wireless networks, I assume yours does as well.
  2. You're talking about 2 different things. In order to get your PS3 output to the laptop screen, you would need a video capture card.
    How does your laptop get internet? Wireless? Get a wireless adapter for the PS3
  3. The only laptops that have HDMI input (or maybe did have in older models) are Alienware laptops.

    HDMI ports on laptops are typically "one-way". They are video out ports. You connect it to a monitor or to a HDTV.

    As stated above, you need a USB port video capture card (device). I am not familiar with these devices soooo..... Google is your friend....
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