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Hi All, I implore to the video card gods that dwell here to help me out.

Using CPUz, I can see that my AGP Aperture size is set to 64mb. What should it be set to? My system is as follows:

PIII 866
Intel 815E Mobo
256mb RAM
VisionTek Geforce2 GTS 64mb
45Gb IBM Deskstar 75GXP HDD

Now here's the real kicker. I bought this system from Gateway2000 ((I know, I know, I won't do this next time)). But Gateway likes to use their own dumbed down BIOS, which I haven't been able to find a setting to control the aperture size with! Do you guys have any suggestions?
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  1. 64MB is fine. You could go to 128MB, but with a 64MB card, I don't think you need to.

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  2. I felt the same way, and when I installed my shiny new elsa gladiac gf3 I had my agp apeture size at 64, however my first run of 3dmark2001 resulted in a low I changed it to I am crusin along at 6300(with some small overclocking.....ok not small, 230/530 but the score went from 4100 to 5200 before I overclocked due to agp apeture.)

    I now reccomend you make agp apeture half of your system ram amount. but no less than 64, and no more than 256.

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  3. Matisaro, which motherboard are you using? I am hearing bad things about the GF3 combo with AMD760 chip northbridge and 686B southbridge. That is the combo my Epox 8K7A has.
  4. hey dude you must always set your agp apeture size to double the memory on your g-card ie gts 64mb the agp apeture size must be 128mb.this can make a huge diff

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  5. M'kay, double the memory size. Right. Now how do I go about doing this?
  6. I am running kt7a raid, no geforce problems here, and my score is upper 10% on mad onion for my cpu speed.

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  7. Can somebody please explain "AGP Aperture Size". I have heard this a lot but have no idea what it means. Thanks.

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  8. Agp Apeture size I believe is the amount of system ram which is dedicated to agp data, I think its kind of like a l3 cache for your videocard, but I am not entirely sure. Anyone with more technical background care to explain further?

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  9. The amount of AGP aperture size you specify in the bios is the MAXIMUM amount of memory your AGP graphics card is allowed to use of your system ram. When you set this to 128Mb, which sounds good for a 64Mb card and 256MB of system memory, the AGP card can use up to 128Mb of extra memory, but, when it needs only 60Mb (for example) the other 68Mb will still be available to the system. So the system memory used by the AGP card is variable up to the maximum amount specified.

    Maybe you can set this value with this tweaking program called NVmax?
    At least it lets you set a lot of other options for your nvidia based card.
    If it doesn't then maybe you can find something here:

    I hope i helped you out a little..
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