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Looking for a gateway (not the brand) laptop

January 30, 2013 8:55:14 PM

Hi, Folks,

I am looking for a 15.6", Intel i3 laptop PC whose core purpose will be to let me remotely access and work from my home desktop.

This computer doesn't HAVE to be new, but it does have to be decently speedy, and bright of screen ( I do a lot of slideshow creation, GIMPing and video editing).

It must be old enough that, even if I buy a new one carrying Windows 8, I can easily "downgrade" it to Windows 7 Ultimate (ie: find all the drivers I need for it to run smoothly in Windows 7).

And if possible, I need it to be under 6 pounds; the closer to 5, the better.

My ideal would be to spend no more than $450 on a decent used rig; but I can go a bit higher. I want to emphasize that this computer will see maybe 6 hours of use a week, so I don't want to break the bank to get it.

I have been looking at some of the used Samsung Series laptops; I like their weight and some of their reviews... but frankly, I've grown pretty leery about all the brands. I've sent back both Acer (2) and Asus (1) netbooks that I bought for my sister over the last two months, because of issues with wifi and needing to repeatedly restart the computer to get it to boot properly. Likewise, my luck with HP has been less than stellar, and I have an unexplained and deep hatred for anything Dell. I've always (until I built my desktop rig) been a Gateway girl with great success--but I now hear they're owned by Acer, and their quality has taken an extreme hit. But I wouldn't be disappointed if I were wrong about that last.

In short, I've been in quite the quandary over which brand/model to go with, so I thought I finally ask your opinions.

Any suggestions on what might serve my purposes would be greatly appreciated.

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