Identify this card please.

My Dad's friend replaced his graphics card and gave (Yes gave!) me the old one.

I want to know what its capable of.


MS8808 VER:1A

I hope thats enough info. I've only used ATI in the past, so help would be great.

P.S. Its AGP.

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  1. i dont know who manufactured the card, but its clearly a tnt2 m64. sorry to tell you but that card is crap..... i guess if you are currently using an 8 mb sis card, it would be an improvement, but they sell for around 25.00. im not trying to let you down - free is always good. its just a well documented poor performer.

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  2. It's a scaled down version of the version of the TNT2, kind of the way the Geforce 2 MX is to the Geforce 2 GTS. The M64 has only about 1/2 the speed of the the TNT2. Usually it only came with 8mb or 16mb of memory which further limits it. It's probably only suitable for 3D games at 640x480 due speed and memory limitations.
  3. It would appear to be Microstar.

    Regardless of its ability, what size is it? AGP 1x, 2x ,4x?

    I might throw it into an old system.

    "Now drop your weapons or I'll kill him with this deadly jelly baby." :wink:
  4. Should be AGP 4x, which is backwards compatable of course.

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  5. ARGG !!! a Savage4 32mb AGP is faster then the TNT2 M64.

    Nice Intel and AMD users get a Cookie.... :smile: Yummy :smile:
  6. I thought M64's were only AGP 2x


    Look at the size of that thing!
  7. Had one, I think the box said 4x. I believe it did.

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