Asus K72F laptop won't start

Hi, I have an Asus k72f that was originally running slow so I was going to open it to clean it. I didn't even get the case opened fully, put it back together, and now won't turn on at all. It came on the first time but after a few seconds it turned off. Now it stays off and won't come on. Any suggestions?
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  1. test your power supply
  2. I have 2 power supplies and both don't help. Actually, when I plug them in, the charging light doesn't even come on
  3. sounds like a dead motherboard
  4. Just from opening it up?
  5. Maybe when you open your laptop you disconnect the power board inside.
  6. How do I reconnect that?
  7. GOT IT ON!!!! Tore it apart, reconnected everything and it turned on. BUT now it will go past the start up screen but it goes black and nothing else shows what?
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