The battle of the cheap gaming HPs

Oh wise computer sages, I seek thine guidance

I am facing the generic 'I need a cheap gaming laptop for school' dilemma, and I need your advice.

For $530:
17.3 inch screen
750 gb hdd
8 gb ram ddr3
2.3 ghz i5-2410m processor (up to 2.9 w/ turboboost)
AMD Radeon HD 6490m 1 gb ddr5

For $570:
15.6 inch screen
750 gb hdd
6 gb ram
AMD 2.8 GHz A-Series Quad-Core A8-4500M
AMD Radeon HD 7640G

My main goal for choosing a laptop is something that can do the usual word processing and web browsing and all that jazz, while being able to run intensive games (eg skyrim) on med-low settings somewhere around 25-30 fps. I wont be doing any super-intensive video editing with it if that helps. What would be best for me?

URLs if required:

All help is appreciated!
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  1. Go with intel ftw... UGH I don't care for hp or dell have you looked into an asus or acer for that matter..
  2. im no AMD fan, but the AMD laptop will perform better in games. I also recommend looking into asus and acer, get more bang for your buck.
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