Where's my hard drive?

Ok, I have an issue. I have two hard drives and when I go to (my computer) It doesn't show the second drive which would be (d:) Instead it shows my dvd. I set it up for sata1 to be my ssd, (c:) with my os on it. Sata2 to be my storage drive (d:) But it shows up in the bios in the order it's supposed to be. It also shows up in hardware management. Any help will be much appreciated.
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  1. Format it then it will show, to format it go in disc management.

    computer, properties, manage, disc management, format it, enjoy.
  2. Have you partitioned and formatted your second drive, and assigned it a drive letter? It won't show up in Windows until you do this.

    As it shows up in hardware management, I'd guess the answer is no. Got to "Manage" from the "Computer" right-click menu and then select "Disk Management". From here you can partition and format the drive (this should automatically assign it a letter). Be careful to select the correct disk!

    Edit: Oops - Daship beat me to it - but don't forget the partition stage.
  3. Oh ok, during installation, all I did was select which drive I wanted Windows to go in. Going to format my drive and enjoy! Thanks
  4. Not going well. I don't get it. In order for me to format the disc, I have to see it first right? It's not showing up in "my computer" I don't see an option that allows me to format the disc. Device manager says it's working properly and I see it in bios. What's the deal?!
  5. Have you looked in "Disk Management", as detailed in my first post? Until you create a partition, or volume, on it it's not going to show in "My Computer".
  6. Follow my directions above to get into device management and format to enjoy.
  7. Everything is ok now. Took a while but I finally got it. It's rough being a "youngter" Thanks
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