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Normal Temperature?


So I have an Acer Aspire (Yeah, I know, I heard it has horrible cooling) and I want to know what's a normal temperature. As of now, currently idle somewhat, it shows 47 degrees Celsius for my CPU and 33 degrees Celsius for my HDD. Is that a normal temperature? And also, when I play FIFA 13, Skyrim, or Far Cry, the fan goes off, and it's fairly loud. Plus, I check the temp and the max it ever goes is 72 degrees Celsius. I got the laptop 3 months ago, and I'm concerned because I don't want to ruin it. Also my specs:

Intel Core i3-3110M Dual Core 2.4GHz
Intel HD Graphics 4000

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Fine of an i3 at 60c or so.
  2. So it's a good temperature? Even when playing games?
  3. If you see 80+ start to worry. If you see 90, you better clean it.

    Just ensure you blow out dust from the vents from time to time as build up will cause heat to rise.

    Intel specs
  4. Thanks a lot. And another question, would laptop cooling pads help in any way?
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    Laptop cooling pads depend on the design of the laptop it self.

    For example. I had an old Compaq with 2 fairly large fans(blowers) and vents for them on the bottom/sides. That thing would NEVER need a cooling pad(and it has a 89watt rated cpu. imagine the battery like of this thing :( ). As long as the feet of the laptop keep it off the surface enough to avoid restriction, You should be ok.

    It is hard to say how much effect a cooling pad would have(because all notebooks are a bit different). If you plan to leave it at very high loads for extended times, gaming or video compression the pad may help to keep the full system a bit cooler.

    I have notices an increase of laptops having the fan(s) draw air from both the keyboard side and small bottom vents. While this tends to look nicer, It makes cleaning MUCH harder if you let the dirt build up. This can happen rather fast in a laptop that is loaded often.

    To get to this, the notebook had to be take right apart. This is why I recommend blasting air backwards into the exhaust vents(with the system off clearly) more often when the laptop is used for gaming/video encoding. Clearly this is worse with pets that shed hair/fur

    Laptop makers like to push the temps as high as they can to keep things more quiet, or at least that seems to be the idea.
  6. OK Thanks for all the help I really appreciate it. Thanks sooooo much!
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