How to trace stolen laptop via serial number

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  1. No can do. It doesn't work like that.

    Report the theft to the authorities in your area. Also to your insurance company.

    Unless you have something like Lojack for Laptops installed and operating in advance, you have no means to trace the device.

    Sorry, it doesn't work like TV portrays it to be.
  2. Sorry, nothing you can do. The serial number is only on a sticker that is stuck to the bottom of the laptop. You would need to physically inspect it in order to find a match.

    If you decide to replace it, then consider installing tracking software on it like LoJack. Be aware that there is a monthly fee for that type of service.

    Additionally, if you are concerned about protecting sensitive information on your next laptop, then you should setup a password for the BIOS and create a password for the hard drive. It should be an option in the BIOS itself.

    Be aware that is means you need to enter 3 passwords every time you use your laptop; the 3rd password being your Windows 7/8 login password. Very bad idea to use the same password for all three since that would defeat the purpose of protecting your personal information.

    You should write down all the passwords and keep it somewhere safe at home. If you forget the BIOS or the hard drive password, then you will not even get to the Windows login screen. In effect, you will have a non functional laptop.
  3. ^I believe PREY is still free, but the one time I tried it on my desktop, I couldn't get it to activate, since the "control panel" doesn't work on mobile browsers.
  4. Prey is still free. Maximum PC did a review and comparison of it to other similar products and it received a 9/10 score. It appears to be a good (improved) product.
  5. Contact the Police....only way...
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